Hudson Valley Residence Pool House
Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
2017 Stanford White Awards

NESTLED ON A LOW MEADOW across from its majestic Greek Revival style main residence, this pool house features a functioning and relaxing entertainment space enveloped within the grace of traditional Greek and Roman architecture. Inspired by the Tempio di Portuno in Rome, this structure is sited at the end of descending rubble-stone terraces from the main residence and rises from the ground at the terminus of a bluestone-lined pool and pool plaza.

THE WATER ELEGANTLY REFLECTS the building’s tall Ionic columns and a pedimented roof, framing the client’s vision of an entertainment space that is both interior in feel, yet completely open to experience the tranquility of the pool and surrounding picturesque landscape.  A brick-lined fireplace with built-in banquets transform the pool house space to an outdoor family room, while a kitchenette and bathroom at the rear of the building offer convenient, yet concealed functionality.


OUR OFFICE provided complete architectural services for this project, including details used for the classic columns, pediment and proportions, as well as those used for the wood moldings, mantles and trim.  Site design services provided by our office included the layout and detailing of the pool, pool terrace, site walls, site stairs, metal railings and pool fencing.   We also guided the client in the selection of materials and colors for the pool tile and pool coping, as well as interior finishes, hardware, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures.